Mediacom To Help Judge Asian Media Awards

One of the world’s leading media agencies will help judge the Asian Media Awards.

Mediacom handles the media planning and buying for some of the world’s smartest advertisers. The MediaCom network comprises of 4,600 people working in 113 offices in 89 countries.

Their clients include some of the world’s most successful brands including P&G, Coca-Cola and the Volkswagen Group.

Director of CultureCom at Mediacom, Sanjay Shabi is part of the Asian Media Awards judging process. He said, “Many of the UK’s main conurbations are about to become or are already plural cities where ethnic minorities are the majority population. Within these areas, Asians represent the most significant segment in size.”

“Growing far faster than the indigenous Caucasian population, understanding Asians and their consumption of product and services can really help advertisers grow their businesses.

“It is important to support Asian Media as it reaches these audiences, engaging with them by relating to their own, unique cultural perspectives.”

He added, “We talk about how the advertising industry generates nearly £8bn to the UK’s economy. With the prevailing and faltering economic conditions, Asian Media and Marketing could help to be the powerhouse to overcome this crisis and assist in aiding the UK’s economic recovery.”

Umbreen Ali from the Asian Media Awards said, “It is pleasing to have on board what is the UK’s leading media agency.

“It is important for the Asian Media to be recognised for their hard work and to have as part of the judging panel someone from such a respected and valued organisation.”

“It is pleasing to see organisations like Mediacom taking a keen interest in honouring the talent within the Asian Media Industry.”

“We are delighted that Sanjay will be part of our judging panel.”


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